“An impressive work of seminal scholarship.”

— The Midwest Book Review

“Deserves the widest possible readership.”

— Dr. Randal Marlin, Carleton University

“Reading Van Vleet is like throwing open the shades in a dark room…”

— Dr. David Gill, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“…Jacob Van Vleet clearly and concisely lays out how Ellul’s works are united by a clear argumentative structure. A real intellectual achievement that is also a gift to all those who want entry into the riches of Ellul’s works.”

— Dr. Brian R. Brock, University of Aberdeen

“Clearly written and exhaustively researched, this book is highly recommended not only to Ellul scholars but to anyone interested in the dialectical method and its centrality in the work of a twentieth-century luminary.”

— Dr. Jeffrey M. Shaw, U.S. Navy War College

“Orbis Books has again fulfilled the aims and scope of the house’s mystic-informed vision, with the selected writings of the 20th century French Reformed Christian and sociologist Jacques Ellul (d.1994). Jacob Van Vleet’s introduction gives a well-researched historical, social, and biographical introduction to the author and his work.”

— Dr. Sarah L. MacMillen, Duquesne University

“This book succeeds admirably as an invitation to delve more deeply into the many insights Ellul has to offer. It is a much-needed gateway into his life and his work. For readers of Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton in particular, Ellul offers insights that are both familiar and new.”

— Dr. Chris Staysniak, Boston College

“… solid scholarship of the entire major corpus, clarity and accuracy in presenting a synthesized overview of core insights and ideas, and a clear exposition of the key interpretive dynamics of Ellul’s dialectical theology… a beautiful example of what a fine introductory exposition can achieve.”

— Dr. Paul Tyson, University of Nottingham

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